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Fencing equipment

Weathart heavy hitter 11' post pounder

*** Tractor available for additional charge***

*** Tractor available for additional charge***

Rental rate:  $75/4hr  $125/day  $500/week  $1500/month

Pneumatic fencing stapler

Rental rate: $30/Day  $120/Week  $320/Month

Rent the pneumatic stapler with the Weathart post pounder and receive 20% off the rental of the stapler!


Pneumatic stapler rated at 90psi operating pressure and max staple length 1-3/4"


1-3/4" Staples $2.50 per strip. 48 strips are in one pail and the full pail will do a full spool of barbed wire.

Fencing accessories

Barbed wire fence stretcher

Rental rate:  $10/day  $40/week  $110/month


Fence pliers

Rental rate:  $5/day  $20/week  $55/month


Hand post pounder (4" and 6")

Rental rate:  $5/day  $20/week  $40/month


Steel snow fence posts

Rental rate:  $2/day  $8/week  $20/month


48" tall x 50' long snow fence roll

Rental rate:  $12/day  $24/week  $36/month



***prices subject to change***